Music Links
Here are a few links to my friends' websites, publishers and other web sites that I like.

The Society of Slovene Composers (DSS) is a voluntary professional association of composers and musicologists. It was founded on December 22, 1945. I have been a member since 1953. Most of my compositions are published in Edicije DSS.

Marko Mihevc,
Friend, Composer & Conductor - my coach for writing scores on PC.

Jasminka Stančul
Pianist and friend - Winner of the Beethoven Piano Competition in Vienna

Vladimir Mlinarić
Pianist and friend - performer of my piano music.

Pizzicato Edizioni Musicali
My Italian publisher, who has published several of my recent chamber works.

Il Coro Polifonico di Ruda
Italian male choir, who performed my Cantata, and with whom I maintain friendly relations.

Hartmut Haenchen
German conductor and friend, whom I invited to conduct the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra in 1980.

Yuri Simonov
Russian conductor and friend - in 1992, we met as jury members in Budapest and since then have been good friends.

Tatjana Kaučič and Dušan Sodja
My young musical friends (pianist and clarinettist), for whom I wrote many new pieces and with whom we prepare many of their concerts

Nenad First
Friend, composer and conductor of the Celje String Orchestra.

Slovenska Filharmonija
The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. This orchestra played and recorded many of my works - from 1979-95 I was their Artistic Director.

Matej Zupan
flautist, first performed my “AMIcable Variations” with Andreja Kosmač at the piano

Bruno Strobl
composer and friend with whom we had many first performances together

Esra Pehlivanli
viola player, who has performed my Bartok Variations many times; and for her I wrote the “Duo concertante”, which she performed with our friend Marko Kassl at Accorde-On-Stage Festival in Salzburg.

Eugen Indjic
my friend and excellent piano soloist, also playing my short pieces

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